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There is one more thing that I didn't mention in my last journal.  On top of having a baby in two months, I'm taking part time classes at the university this semester.

I know that this isn't going to be easy, but I have a scholarship that has me on a dead line.  I wouldn't be going to this university if I didn't have this.  It pays for tuition, for four years worth of credit hours.  So if I stop, there's a chance that I no longer have a chance at a degree.

Ok so now you people go, chance.  Yeah.  Chance.  The fact is that the scholarship people might be willing to work with me, but I'm afraid of having things come back to bite me in the butt later.  Then there are the people around me.  Everyone has an opinion of what I should do, and to be honest, I'm tired of hearing about everyone elses' opinions of what I should do.  Yes taking a semester off does sound like a relaxing idea but the schedule that college provides me with gives my week some sort of structure.  Some sort of sanity in something right now that while I'm looking forward to, there really isn't a lot of structure to it.  No matter how much I try to plan.

You should have seen the faces of some of the people who were trying to convince me to stop college a semester when I said fine, I'll volunteer at the animal shelter for a few months. 

Despite my frustrations with different individuals, I know that they say things (Mostly) out of concern.  I have a lot of wonderful supportive people around me.  Something that I will probably go into more in depth in a different journal.  For now, blogging feels good and if you've read this far.  Thank you.
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I know that I’m a geek, but with my blue butterfly bag that mom made me, I like to believe that I don’t have the look of a geek.  However if  you take me to a comic based movie, upon exiting the theater, I will start spouting out random comic facts.  Today I was sitting having lunch and  I realized I am wearing a ghost busters t-shirt, eating out of an iron man thermos, and when this random guy walked by, humming the music to the Zelda games, I could correct him on the tune.  I realized at this moment today, that I utterly fail at hiding this fact of my life. 


Do I really care?  I decided no.

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It's not all of the way through January yet.  I'm afraid of jinxing myself by saying this right now, but this year is starting out better than last.  It has to be.  My son is going to be born this year.

In the first week of last year, (First week = January 2nd)  there were emergencies on Red's side of the family and my dad almost died at the hospital.  My dad spent a week at the hospital so while Red was dealing with his own family emergencies, I couldn't be there for him, and his family, as much as I wished I could.  And vise-versa.

Since then, things have slowly panned out on Red's side of the family and my Dad has worked hard.  Not only has he fully recovered, but he is still working on improving his own health.  Something that I'm incredibly proud of him for doing.  It's not easy to change a life style.  Especially when it comes to eating.

Since then, Red and I have both been in and out of work for different reasons, I've spent more time in the hospital than I really care to count because of emergencies with friends.  While things have ended well, it has still felt like one thing after another.

If you've read this far, you must think I'm an incredibly negative person now.  There's been a lot of good things that have happened this past year too.  There's been new love that has been blossoming for one of my room mates who has been there for me through everything since high school.  Another good friend of mine who has had me as a room mate, and is someone I've known since high school, got married. Walking down the isle to the theme song of Dr. Who.

As far as what I know about what this year is going to bring, well.  I've already mentioned the one thing that I know is for sure.  He's ariving around March 23rd.  (March 21nd if you listen to the fortune cookie message.  (Yes there really is a fortune cookie message.))  I'm scared about not being able to give this kid the right start, however I also know that I've got unbelievable support behind me coming from teachers, family, and friends.

I've got more thoughts but those can be added to another journal.
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Well...  What is it really the season for anyways?  Traveling mostly, a few days off of college classes and the few bits of work that I get, and family.  It's for those reasons, mostly the last one, that I'm going to be gone for a few days.  How many, I'm not exactly sure yet.  It shouldn't be more than five.

Basically, most of my family lives about a two hour drive north from where I live.  This means I maybe get to see them twice a year.  Normally I'd only be gone for an over night trip, but this year is a bit different.  My grand father, whom was the one to pass down a room full of antique furniture down to me, is having more health problems.  So most of the trip is going to be so that my mother and I can have a chance to visit some more and help take care of him.  This could be it.  Especially considering looking at the funds that we have right now, we probably won't be able to make it up north for Christmas.

So that's why I'll be gone.  Any messages, I will try to get to when I come back, next week.  It may take me a day or two. 

I hope that people enjoy their Thanksgivings, or if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, just enjoy your time.

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That's right.  It was a miracle pulled out of ones back side.

The Bachelorette party really was a success once we got to it, however getting to the party was the most frustrating thing that I've done in a long time.  No matter what though, through all the different hard ships today that I'm about to rant about, it was well worth it.  One of my best friends is getting married in two days.  I know that she's been stressed about different things and I hope that tonight helped.

To start out with my rant.  we were promised a lot of different things from different people to help us pull off this party. Most of them didn't come true.  We had decided to hold the party at a second friends house, to make things easier and more of a gift to the bride to be.

We were promised that the kitchen would be clean so that we could serve food in there, and when we arrived, it hadn't been cleaned....  people didn't start trying to clean the kitchen/dinning room until we were cooking and that only lasted for about 5 minutes because my recipe for Mystery pie from my great grandmother had almost ended up in a trash can while I was using it.

We were told by two people that we would get rides to the store.  My friend and I ended up walking.  I don't know how much the total weight of our food was but I know mine was a bit more than 30 lbs.  And because I'm pregnant, my friend wouldn't let me carry the heavy stuff.

Then when we get on a role again, an X-mother in law of my friend's sister comes barging into the house looking to pick a fight and take her grand son a day or so early.  Just when the sister was starting to keep her promise of helping.  The X-mother in law staid for a little more than an hour going between best granny in the world and granny from Hell that personally, I'd get a restraining order for.  She finally left when my friend's mom walked in from work and with the most control in her voice that I've ever heard anyone have said, "I don't come over to your house and do this to your family..."  There was a look in her eyes and a way that her mouth was set that said '...  but I could.' 

Did I mention that I love my friends mom?  (Not my friend's sister's X-mother in law.)

We needed to figure out tables, figure out chairs, do vacuuming, and some baby sitting while cleaning and cooking that we were told that we wouldn't have to do. 

I understand that this was someone else's home that they were nice enough to let us use, but it would be nice if they kept promises. 

Once again.  All in all, the party turned out great.  It was just getting to it that was the difficult part.


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Just to show the purgatory that ACEOs go through when either I run out of steam, or people don't pay for their commissions.  These have been sitting in my envelope at least since May.

Don't mind the scanner where the pictures aren't.

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Yesterday was my best friend's birthday.  We walked to the store and I bought her stuff for Root beer floats or in my best friend's case, Cream soda floats.  Anyways we're checking out.  I'm putting my wallet away and she stubbornly grabs the two heaviest bags.  I complain and she turn around.  "Shut up, you're pregnant."

I hear the peanut gallery behind us known as the nosy cashier behind us.  "Ohhhh Check-Mate!"

Thank you..... Thank you very much.

At least I have some of the ingredients that I will need to make Mystery pies for the wedding parties this week.  I'll hopefully be able to get half of those baked tomorrow.

Also if you've read this far, I'm currently hosting a sale on my ACEOs.  I normally ask $10.00 plus shipping.  For this week they are just $8.50.  Check out the cards I've done in the past on DA.  http://spottedpegasus.deviantart.com/gallery/#ACEO .  Right now, I'm saving for a computer.  This month will also go twoards bills.

SP out.

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Well if you read the last journal you know what's going on.  I'm pregnant and I just had my first official doctor's appointment yesterday.  (Mom sat in the waiting room working on perfecting her crochet pattern for baby booties.)  Mom is just a little excited...

But yeah.  The first appointment was mostly talking and setting up what I'm going to be doing over the next few months.  Mostly a lot of tests and a few programs and subscriptions to sign up for.  At the end of the appointment, the labs took a few vials of blood, and I got to fill a cup in the lady's room.

I've got two tests left to do before the doctor's will be satisfied.  One is for diabetes because that is heavily on both sides of my family.  The other will be taken in a few weeks including my first ultrasound.

Mean while during all the other chaos, We're preparing for a wedding for my room mate and one of my best friends.  The date.... 10/10/10  How awesome is that?

Well there you have it.  There may not another update in a while, but you never know.


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Well I haven't written in this live journal for a few months.  I figure it's time to try to slip back into the online realms.  It's still going to be a challenge and that will be explained later in the journal, but I've discovered writing is something that I need to do in order to keep myself sane.  Even if it's in a place like this, where not many people pay that much attention to me.  Ok some people do,  But this is the place where I have the least amount of it, So those special people get to hear a little bit extra.

So here's the little bit extra.  I'm pregnant.

It's amazing how many different things I have to plan for now.  There's cash, witch I'm always going to worry about weather I'm able to get a steady job or not.  (Working for commission, unless commission picks up, will not cut it.  At least not alone.)  Things will work out though, and I have time to make them work out. 

My extended family doesn't know yet.  I'll be telling them soon, however it's harder to keep a secret from room mates and close friends.  Those whom have found out have been excelent and I don't really know how to repay people right now.  I'm probably only just getting to the end of my first trymester and I already have a bounce seat, boxes of clothing, bedding, and a few other things.  Even if I was asking something of my friends, I couldn't ask for more.

Other than that, the reason that I will have trouble getting on line and doing my writing is the same reason that I've been having.  I am without a computer of my own and borrowing my other half's.  I had finally gotten the money together to get my laptop fixed, however when taken to the computer doctor, my laptop was pronounced DOA.  So yeah.  I'm now in the market for a new computer.  The good news is I have my hard drive, and there were no viruses.  Witch means my programs were working great.

As far as my writing, that is a stand still.  My visual art is coming along.  I've got a mask that I'm working on for class, and I've been doing a lot of sketching.  Though there's not a lot of finished art work that I've been able to accomplish.

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My grand father on my Dad's side of the family passed away a few days ago. The funeral is tomorrow. a funeral I will not be able to make it to.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this anyways. I am a little sad that he passed away, but after the time that I was 4 years old, I hadn't heard from him. My father and him never really got along, so the feeling I have right now is like either something is finished, or something needs to be finished.

Because I was so young when I last saw my dad's father, I don't even remember what his face looks like. I remember the sweaters he wore, that he had a dark chocolate poodle, and in the entrance of his house he had a daddy grand piano that the morning mail was placed on ever day.

In other family news, my mother's father is having some difficulties. To make a long story short, he has had to go from living by himself, to living with my aunt up north. No one else had room for his furniture from his house so I have been given it. Witch is a good thing because I had almost no furniture of my own. I now have a bed, dresser, vanity, and night stand that are way older than I am. They originally belonged to my great grand parents, and then my grandparents. (Skipping a generation.) Now they belong to me. And over the last few days I just keep remembering playing house in my grandmother's room and sitting at her vanity as a child with all it's pretty perfume bottles and make up. Or grandma letting me play dress up from her dresser. I don't remember the cloths I got to play in, but I remember these pastel lime green and peach high heal shoes I always gravitated to that my feed only fit through the open holes.

Just the last few days have made me do a lot of thinking.

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