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Continued story of my family - spottedpegasus
Continued story of my family
Well last I left, I spoke of my grand father's condition. No it hasn't improved, but it also hasn't gotten worst. The bank is naturally trying to empty out his properties, and my family is working closely with a lawyer to keep things the way that my grandfather wished them to be when his mind was still sharp. Naturally the bank will get some of his properties because his health care must be paid for at this point.


On a more positive story, our needing to take care of business with the lawyers and sign paper work has meant that I've been able to visit with my cousins more than what I usually get to visit. I normally am lucky to see my extended family twice a year. For the last month, I've been able to see them twice. It looks like there will be a third trip as well in a few weeks.

Naturally every body loves my baby boy and he's been spoiled. My uncle especially has opened up more with me. My uncle has always been awesome. He hunted, and found, a car for me when I was going through driver's training and he used to help me with homework now and then, but now he comes out and has longer conversations with me. It's funny because he's normally got such a more gruff exterior. Now he's amazed at the size of Wyatt's hands next to his and talking baby talk.

My youngest cousin is going to graduate high school next year and has looked like a super model since she was 14. Yet she still seems to mature in every way. She might choose to go to the university that I'm currently at. However I hope that she goes to the community college first.

Then there's my older cousin's children. They are 4 and 5 and the 4 year old is into everything about babies. She's even written preschool reports about wanting to be a mommy when she grows up. She's my little assistant with Wyatt when we are up north. though she has also done her best to imitate me with him. mostly imitating my breast feeding. Something that I warned my cousin she might do... I was right...

Oh and I also got to explain to my cousin's 4 year old and 5 year old where babies come from. Babies come from a very special place... ... ... The Hospital....

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