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Last I checked in here, I was still waiting for my son to be born.… - spottedpegasus
Last I checked in here, I was still waiting for my son to be born. Now he’s been here. I just haven’t had the time or the energy to post anything worth wile since his arival. He’s two weeks old now, and wow has it been exciting and at the same time a bit of a bumpy ride.

Wyatt was born in the early morning of 03/30/2011, and now he is doing great. I will start my story a little before his birth because if, by the chance, there are new mothers out there, or people who will eventually be new mothers, there is some information that I believe should be passed on. Even if it is only to a few people whom watch this journal and read this entry.

FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS! I’m still kicking myself about this. Also before I go on, I would like to say that just because I describe something here one way, does not mean that that same description will mean the same thing for every one. I am not talking straight to anyone in particular, every case is different, and most importantly, I am a wanabe artist, not a doctor.

No body knows the body that you live in and the way it’s felt to be pregnant for nine months more than the person who lives in YOUR body. If you think that something is going on, contact your doctor. My only complaint about the hospital that I had chosen to give birth at is that they have an answering service and not every one shares the same feelings on when it is time to come in. If I could have cone back, I would have reaquested a stress test the Sunday before Wyatt was born. That day I had called the midwife on call at the hospital three times because I wasn’t sure about what was going on with my body. I noticed an oder that I couldn’t get rid of, and I thought my water had broke at one point, though the leak was slow. The midwife had simply told me to wait until my contractions were closer together. Something that had never happened before my next apointment Tuesday, with the Ultrasound and yet another Midwife.
It turns out that I’ve had contractions for a little over a month off and on and not feeling them other than a tightening in my abdomin. Not unheard of. They are called Bracston hicks and normal. However when they measured them, I should have felt them a lot more than what I was. Durring the ultrasound that they had given me because Wyatt was a week late, Wyatt’s heart rate was eragular. My second apointment that day lasted five minutes before the Midwife seeing me told me that I needed to go to the delivery room imediately. Because Wyatt wasn’t holding a regular heart rate, they had to induce me. When my water broke, they told me that Wyatt had done something called meconium. Meconium means that the baby had had a boul movement inside me. This is something that causes problems and I believe that this was the beginning of both of our problems later in the week.

The emotional roller coster continued while labor went on for the first eight hours. For one thing, I found out that I must be the one woman in this town who goes through the pain of labor and appologizes for screaming when all I’m apparently doing is moaning. For another… Wyatt’s heart rate continued to be eregular. Dipping several times into unsafe levels. At one point they had told me that if it dipped one more time, they would have to do an emergency cesarean. They were prepping me for the surgery when I had gone from being dialated 6 cm, to 9.5 cm. within the next course of contractions, I was ready to push. The only reason that I did not make it into the surgery room was because there was suddenly a case that was more urgent than ours.

Wyatt was born without the cesarean and cryed imediately before they had a chance to whipe his face. Normally this would be a good thing but we worry that he had breathed the meconium in.

Things went well the rest of the night. I managed two hours of sleep before the doctors started my next day of pain meds and check ups. Wyatt was 15 hours old when suddenly he asperated. I was luckly talking to the nurse when suddenly Wyatt started arching his head back and to the side. His face looked like he was trying to cry but no sound was coming out and he was turning blue. He was right next to me… The nurse stopped mid sentence, grabbed him, and ran out of the room. They pumped this greyish green stuff out of his lungs and stomach. He was then moved to NICU (neonatal intensive care unit.) There, they ran him through different tests that included an ultrasound of his head. They checked him for blood clots in his brain and for siezures. Both of witch he tested negative for. The one thing that was going wrong, was his white blood cell count was rising. Meaning infection. They kept him for five more days in NICU where he was monitered by sci-fi looking equipment and put on an IV with antibiotics. He did nothing but improve there.

I was released two days after giving birth, but the hospital was nice enough to set me up with a room so that I could continue to help with Wyatt’s care. This is another stroke of luck that ended up keeping him and I safe. We’ve got on hell of a lucky star, because this means that I was already at the hospital when my whole body started shaking uncontrolably and my temp started drumatically spiking. In the time that it took me to get down the hall and across the street to ER, My temp went from 99 degrees, to 102, and rising. Coupled with a lot of sudden abdominal pain that the perscription motrin that I had taken less than an hour before, didn’t come close to covering. (The same thing that had been covering up the after effects pain of giving birth.)

That was my first time ever in ER. I hated watching everyones’ faces around me, but once again, if something bad had to happen, I couldn’t have lucked out more on the situation surrounding the experience.

The next day, Wyatt and I were both released. Him with a clean bill of health. Me with five different perscriptions to take care of my energency. I’m still scared to death that I’m going to see Wyatt turn blue in front of me again but he’s done nothing but improve and grow since we’ve come home. He already can smile big enough that I can see the beginnings of dimples and he also has enough strength to turn himself over. Me… Well… I’m still recovering Emotional and physical energy.

Well this was a long winded entry, but hey! KUTOS IF YOU GOT THIS FAR!



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harnessphoto From: harnessphoto Date: April 17th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Congrats! Sorry to hear about the complications and glad to hear you both pulled through.
spottedpegasus From: spottedpegasus Date: April 18th, 2011 04:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. Like I had said. If things had to happen badly we were both lucky with the situations that the crap had to happen in.
ladyringo From: ladyringo Date: April 17th, 2011 04:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Congrats on your new baby! I am glad you're both doing okay!
spottedpegasus From: spottedpegasus Date: April 18th, 2011 04:04 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you.
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